Marlene Cintron went from being the daughter of a Puerto Rican Pentecostal minister and her missionary mother in the Bronx to a leader who creates opportunities for the people in her borough.

Growing up on Kelly Street, Marlene experienced the power and importance of

diversity as well as how the combination of faith, family, and education can conque

 many challenges. 


The lessons Marlene learned from her parents – and from the Bronx – are why she was the first in her family to graduate from college. And they’re why Marlene has spent her life fighting to increase opportunities in the Bronx for the residents of the Bronx. 


During the last nine years, Marlene has served as president of the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation. While there, she helped bring jobs and opportunities to The Bronx by supporting and financing local businesses while also rebranding the borough that she calls home.  


Marlene used her expertise to make Fresh Direct see the Bronx the way she sees it: a diverse collection of hardworking, determined individuals. After Fresh Direct saw what a special place the Bronx is, they moved their operations and over 3000 jobs in order to expand their business.  Over 1000 Bronx residents now work there. Marlene also helped the Mall of Bay Plaza’s 69 stores hire locally. Over 70% of the 1600 jobs there belong to Bronx residents.   


From investing millions of dollars into small businesses to rebranding the borough to attract new businesses, under Marlene’s leadership, the unemployment rate has dropped from 14.2 to approximately 5% and more than 120,000 more Bronx residents are employed today than in 2010.


We need Marlene’s deep Bronx roots and experience to continue to her Bronx community in her new role in Congress. Marlene’s commitment to social justice includes her unwavering support for Planned Parenthood and her commitment to ensuring everyone can afford to see a doctor when they’re sick, that every returning veteran is afforded the best services available and strong federal oversight of our public housing stock.


New York’s 15th Congressional District is one of the poorest congressional districts in the country in one of the richest cities in the nation. To change that we need someone committed to The Bronx.  We need to send Marlene to Congress.